04 January 2023 Article

Wonderful Indonesia Campaign: Aice Mochi Klepon Wins The Most Creative Brand


Aice Group, an ice cream manufacturer, has been awarded the highest Gold accolade in the Most Creative Brand category at the 2022 Co-Branding Awards. The event, organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf), recognized Aice's intensive promotion through Aice Mochi Klepon and Mochi Baby, attributing it to significantly contributing to introducing Indonesia's tourism and creative economy.

Aice Mochi Klepon, with over 30 million packages produced, has successfully conveyed a positive message promoting Indonesia's heritage to all layers of society. As one of Aice's best-selling products, it is distributed through more than 350,000 Aice marketing networks, reaching both modern markets and traditional stalls across the archipelago.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno commended Aice's creativity in supporting Indonesia's tourism identity, stating that it has propelled the marketing activities of Indonesia's tourism and creative economy. The award was presented to Aice in Jakarta by the Ministry some time ago.

The government's appreciation for private entities in various forms is believed to attract more stakeholders to participate and support Indonesia's co-branding. Aice's Sylvana Zhong, the spokesperson and Brand Manager, expressed gratitude for the recognition. She stated, "This Kemenparekraf award proves the synergy and effective collaboration of stakeholders. All stakeholders can contribute part of their business process strength to strengthen the co-branding of Wonderful Indonesia. Aice will always be consistent in contributing with innovative and high-quality products to support the government's efforts in promoting Wonderful Indonesia. Hopefully, this campaign will further strengthen Indonesia's brand equity globally."

Aice introduced the Wonderful Indonesia co-branding campaign under the theme "Innovation of Indonesian Heritage" in all promotional aspects, including Aice Mochi Klepon ice cream packaging and both offline and online events. Moreover, Aice Mochi Klepon is not only distributed across the Indonesian market but has also been exported to various ASEAN countries.

Promoting Mochi Klepon to the World

Ni Made Ayu Marthini, Deputy for Marketing at Kemenparekraf, explained that the co-branding collaboration between Kemenparekraf and Aice has three main objectives. Firstly, to enhance the brand equity of Wonderful Indonesia as Indonesia's tourism identity. Secondly, to expand market penetration and reach. Lastly, to optimize the utilization of resources from each involved party.

"We appreciate Aice for receiving the Most Creative Brand award for its contribution to promoting authentic Indonesian culinary delights through the creation of the traditional Klepon snack. Aice Mochi Klepon has successfully promoted Wonderful Indonesia not only domestically but also to various ASEAN countries. This is an ideal example of efforts to preserve and promote Indonesia's authentic culinary delights to the world," said Marthini.

The Minister himself, in his speech, conveyed that this co-branding partnership is a manifestation of collaboration, a keyword frequently emphasized. "The Co-Branding Awards is a thank you and good stimulus for every partner to continue and even increase their contribution to Indonesia's tourism and creative economy under the beloved brand, Wonderful Indonesia," explained Sandiaga.

The Mochi's outer layer undergoes a production process of being pounded tens of thousands of times to achieve perfect texture and elasticity.

Ice cream with Klepon flavor, enhanced with melted palm sugar, is wrapped in a chewy pandan-flavored mochi skin and sprinkled with coconut, making it very similar to the authentic Klepon snack in terms of texture, taste, and aroma.

Aice Mochi Klepon is claimed to be a pioneer in several aspects. It is the first ice cream in Indonesia, both in the ice cream and mochi categories, with Klepon flavor. Aice Mochi Klepon combines the deliciousness of Klepon with the highly popular mochi ice cream among ice cream enthusiasts today.

"Aice is committed to always delivering the best ice cream products for Indonesia. The combination of quality strength and innovation in ice cream, along with the right marketing approach, will support the tourism and creative economy industries. Collaboration through co-branding will continue to be carried out by Aice. Hopefully, this will always be a successful contribution from Aice to Indonesia," concluded Sylvana.

Source: Kontan

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