15 November 2023 Article

Aice Group Achieves Superbrands Award for the 4th Consecutive Year


The ice cream manufacturer, Aice, has once again won the Superbrands award for the 4th consecutive time at the Superbrands Indonesia's Choice 2023 Gala Award event in Jakarta. In addition to Aice Group, this leading and trustworthy international arbiter in more than 90 countries also awarded 40 other best brand owners in Indonesia.


This award is a recognition from the market for Aice's outstanding achievements in the national ice cream industry. Sylvana Zhong, Senior Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice Group, explained that this year's Superbrands award is a consistent record of Aice's achievements in various dimensions of its business over the past four years. 


Despite being relatively young compared to its main competitors, Aice has proven itself as the most popular ice cream with the best quality. “We are very proud to be trusted again to receive this award. In addition, this year's Superbrands award is based on accurate Nielsen surveys. 


This award is also an important moment for the company, distributors, and hundreds of thousands of Aice resellers to maintain customer loyalty to Aice ice cream products. 


This award motivates us to continue improving the quality and innovation of Aice products in the future,' said Sylvana. Grandtyana Mayasari, Chief Executive Officer of Superbrands Indonesia, stated that brands that receive Superbrands status have undergone a rigorous selection process that includes several main evaluation criteria: Market Dominance, Longevity (the brand's existence), Good Will (positive reputation), Customer Loyalty, and Overall Market Acceptance. Read also: Aice Ice Cream Company Enlivens Whoosh High-Speed Train Trial Behind the outstanding achievements in these criteria, Aice has demonstrated market dominance in the ice cream product category with its large market share and strong presence in the industry. Despite being relatively new, Aice's eight years of longevity have created significant added value. 


The high level of customer loyalty also reflects strong customer satisfaction and trust in this brand. Furthermore, Brand Consistency is also reflected in Aice's consistency in conveying its message and brand image as an ice cream that consistently encourages a healthy lifestyle. 


Aice prioritizes hygiene aspects, quality ingredients, protein content, and various vitamins that are beneficial for health in all their production processes. Positive Brand Perceptions in the eyes of the public create a positive corporate and product image, built by Aice through various creative advertisements, the best product quality, and satisfying customer experiences, in line with Aice's motto 'Have an Aice Day.' 


Additionally, Aice contributes to social good through Good Will, creating positive benefits for the community. One of them is through the #15DaysAICESharingHealth activity, actively sharing happiness involving hundreds of thousands of Aice partners throughout Indonesia in supporting various social responsibility programs. Strong Brand Trust is a crucial factor in choosing an ice cream brand, and consumers have high confidence in Aice. Aice is also well-received by the market and industry (Market Acceptance), with evidence of market dominance and the success of this brand. In the context of Overall Brand Reputation, Aice has a good reputation in the community and the industry. 


These various parameters form the basis for a strong and objective assessment in this year's Superbrands award, ensuring that Aice is considered one of the leading and most respected brands in the ice cream category. According to Superbrands, these five evaluation criteria serve as a guide for Nielsen to conduct surveys in six metropolitan cities: Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, and Makassar.


 Aice's success in meeting all the criteria reflects the company's success and consistency in maintaining product quality and winning the hearts of its customers. As the public has known, Aice has dominated various recent creations in taste, ingredients, and forms in dozens of Indonesian ice cream product variants in recent years. 'With this year's Superbrands achievement, we believe the Indonesian market has quality ice cream expectations that align with various Aice products.


 We are committed to continuing to deliver high-quality products to customers. This Superbrands award is very motivating for all of Aice, both in the holding company and the hundreds of thousands of Aice ice cream trader networks throughout Indonesia. Aice will continue to improve the quality and excellence of products so that all citizens can enjoy the best delicious ice cream, easily obtained at an affordable price,' concluded Sylvana. (Z-5)"


Source: Media Indonesia

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