25 June 2023 Article

Aice Group Enlivens FIFA Matchday Indonesia Vs Argentina with Messi Ice Cream


Aice Group, Indonesia's largest ice cream manufacturer, added excitement to the FIFA Matchday event between Indonesia and Argentina by introducing the Messi Ice Cream. The company, known for its innovative and quality ice cream products, celebrated the match by sharing the joy of the game with fans through this special edition ice cream.


Lionel Messi, the global football icon and Aice's brand ambassador, lent his name to this unique ice cream creation. The Messi Ice Cream is part of Aice Group's efforts to engage football enthusiasts and bring the spirit of the sport to their ice cream experience. The special edition ice cream reflects Aice's commitment to combining sportsmanship and the enjoyment of delicious treats.


Sylvana Zhong, Aice Group's Senior Brand Manager and Spokesperson, expressed excitement about the collaboration. "We are thrilled to bring the Messi Ice Cream to football fans during the FIFA Matchday between Indonesia and Argentina. This special edition ice cream is a tribute to Messi's incredible talent and our shared passion for the beautiful game. We hope it adds a sweet touch to the excitement of the match," she said.


Aice Group has been actively involved in various sports-related initiatives, emphasizing its commitment to fostering a healthy and active lifestyle. The Messi Ice Cream is a delicious testament to the company's dedication to combining sports, joy, and innovative ice cream offerings.


Fans and ice cream enthusiasts alike had the opportunity to savor the Messi Ice Cream during the FIFA Matchday event, creating a delightful and memorable experience that goes beyond the football field.


Aice Group's continuous efforts to connect with its audience through special initiatives like the Messi Ice Cream demonstrate the company's commitment to bringing happiness to consumers and contributing to the enjoyment of special moments, both on and off the field.


Source: Merdeka

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