07 November 2022 Article

AICE Group Holdings Successfully Obtains the 2022 Indonesia Awards


AICE Group Holdings successfully won the Indonesia Award 2022 for its efforts to assist the Indonesian community, especially Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), to increase income by becoming partners with AICE Group Holdings.


According to AICE Group Holdings Brand Senior Manager Sylvana Zhong, this award makes AICE Group Holdings the only food and beverage producer, particularly ice cream, that won an award in 2022. This serves as proof that AICE has been supporting Integrated MSME empowerment since 2016.


"Since its establishment in 2016, AICE has always carried out MSME income improvement assistance programs by building a cold chain, such as factories and also cold storage. We also lend freezers to MSMEs so they can increase their income for a better life, so AICE will certainly continue to embrace and assist more MSMEs in the future," she said.


This, continued Sylvana, is aimed so that everyone can get happiness through AICE ice cream. Just like resellers and MSMEs can get happiness by increasing income through ice cream sales.


"Consumers will also find it easier to enjoy quality and innovative ice cream," said Sylvana. Through the Indonesia Award 2022, AICE Group Holdings will continue to develop MSME empowerment programs and help the community by providing free refrigerators to sell AICE products. They will also continue to strive to develop existing factories in Indonesia.


Source: iNews ID

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