23 October 2023 Article

Aice Group Successfully Achieves Top Halal Brand 2023


Aice Group has received recognition in the ice cream category at the Top Halal Award (THA) 2023 organized by IHATEC Marketing Research in Jakarta recently.


Aice Group has been named the Top Halal Brand 2023, catering not only to the Indonesian market but also for export purposes. Among 500 brands openly evaluated by respondents, Aice emerged as one of the 31 brands securing top positions in the Top Halal Index (THI). This accomplishment reflects AICE's commitment to delivering the best quality halal ice cream products.


Two main parameters determine the Top Halal, namely Brand Index and Halal Index. The Brand Index is built on top-of-mind awareness of halal, the last brand purchased or used, and the brand intended for future purchase. Meanwhile, the Halal Index is constructed from four parameters: information and communication about its halal status, perception of the halal production process, perception of the halal raw materials, and perception of packaging or presentation.


Anang Ghozali S.T., Head of IHATEC Marketing Research and Executive of the Steering Committee THA 2023, emphasized that THA winners come from various brands meeting two criteria. Firstly, the brand has an index above the category product average index. Secondly, the brand, based on survey results, ranks within the top three in its product category. "Top Halal is a brand perceived and believed in its halal status, both in terms of information and communication about its halal status, production processes, raw materials, and packaging or presentation," said Anang in his statement on Monday (23/10). With over 85 percent of Indonesia's population adhering to Islam, and the majority of Southeast Asian countries also having a Muslim majority, Aice understands the importance of maintaining the halal status of their products.


Sylvana Zhong, Spokesperson and Senior Brand Manager of Aice Group, stated that they believe halal food is the right of every individual, and Aice's vision is to bring the deliciousness of halal ice cream to people across Southeast Asia.


Aice's management claims that from ingredient selection to the production process, Aice has ensured its products meet strict standards of halal and quality. "This award is evidence of the public's trust in the quality of our ice cream products that have met halal standards. Aice will continue to be committed," Sylvana concluded.


Source: JPNN

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