12 September 2022 Article

Aice Group Supports Collaboration to Create Champions in the World of Sports


Ice cream producer, Aice Group, expressed its support for the Government's steps through the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora), Regional Government and stakeholders in collaborating to create champions in the world of sports.


This collaboration was echoed in the commemoration of National Sports Day (Haornas) which was held last Friday (9/9/2022) in Balikpapan City.


The collaboration entitled "Together Create Champions" at this year's 39th Haornas commemoration has become increasingly relevant, given the momentum for recovery of all sectors of life in Indonesia after the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred some time ago.


Through a press release received by Tribunkaltim.co, Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice Group, Sylvana Zhong, explained that the moment of emerging from the pandemic has taught many lessons for all the nation's children.


According to him, Indonesia was able to rise with effective cooperation from many parties.


So, to raise the joy and enthusiasm of the community, the party distributed 25 thousand Mochi Baby ice cream. Apart from that, it also presents interesting performances that entertain the public.


"Just like our joint efforts to recover from the pandemic, building sporting achievements also requires the support of an effective pentahelix movement.


The massive civilizing movement carried out by the government together with the private sector, scientists, mass media and the community, contributed to the success of our collective sporting achievements.


"This is what we are trying to make happen at this year's National Sports Day event, where at the same time we also distributed 25 thousand Mochi ice cream and presented a football dance performance along with the Mochi Baby mascot, to share joy and encourage the spirit of sports to all consumers and the Indonesian people," explained Sylvana.


For him, this year's National Sports Day event is a serious matter in seeking the progress of national sports.


There were around 20 thousand representatives of sports stakeholders throughout Indonesia who attended and conveyed their aspirations to advance national sports.


This statement was given to support the statement of the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) Zainudin Amali at the opening of Haornas.


The Minister of Youth and Sports stated that collaboration and strong commitment between the central, regional and stakeholder governments in producing champions in the field of sports will go a long way.


“Strong collaboration and commitment between sports stakeholders in producing champions will require a long process.


"This long process begins with sports cultivation, early childhood development, tiered and systematic competitions and the application of sports science," said the Minister of Youth and Sports.


The Minister of Youth and Sports also said that with the birth of Law 11/2022 concerning Sports and Presidential Decree 86/2021 concerning National Sports Design (DBON), it is hoped that the Government will accelerate sports achievements in a broader sense.


"The Sports Law and the DBON Presidential Decree will contribute greatly to forming an Indonesia that is fit, has a tough character and has world achievements. "In fact, the advancement of sports will play a big role in empowering the nation's economy," he added.


In line with this, Aice Group also emphasizes the need for management and consolidation across stakeholders in achieving short and long term targets. The Ministry of Youth and Sports is considered ideal for consolidating this multi-helix collaboration together with various elements of Ministries, Institutions and other stakeholders.


"Actually, the private sector has been involved in many important sporting events for some time now. Aice himself has been actively involved in important national sports moments at the Asian Games, the Basketball President's Cup, the Early Childhood Sports Festival and the World Cup, for example.


What is needed now is multi-helix acceleration and synergy. "We support the Ministry of Youth and Sports to lead the orchestration to success," added Sylvana.


According to him, this active participation is in line with Aice's vision of high quality and healthy products. Starting from low fat less sugar products to healthy and high quality ice cream ingredients.


So what needs to be done together in the future is to further improve the quality of synergy between all stakeholders. 


Source: Tribunnews

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