28 May 2024 Article

Aice Group Wins Indonesia Best CSR in Consumer Goods Sector 2024


JAKARTA - Indonesia's most popular ice cream producer, Aice Group, proudly announces its latest achievement of winning the prestigious The Iconomics “Indonesia Best 50 CSR Awards 2024” in the category “Indonesia Best CSR in Consumer Goods Sector 2024”.


This award was given in recognition of Aice Group's dedication to conducting innovative and positively impactful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs for Indonesian society.


The award, presented by The Iconomics' Founder & CEO Bram S. Putro, was based on an evaluation of Aice's various CSR initiatives. This evaluation was based on media monitoring data and sustainable reports to detect real activities and CSR activities' publications in the media, as well as analyzing the company's commitment to implementing CSR activities.


Several indicators were considered in determining the award recipients, including the total number of activities and the quality of implementation. The total activities refer to the cumulative number of CSR activities conducted by the company, covering environmental, social, economic, health, climate, and educational fields.


Meanwhile, the quality of implementation was assessed based on execution standards, sustainability of implementation, innovation in execution, and the impact generated. Aice's CSR initiatives have been deemed successful in contributing significantly to education, health, and improving the quality of life for the community.


Sylvana, Senior Brand Manager of Aice Group, expressed her pride and gratitude for this achievement. She stated that Aice, as an ice cream producer committed to contributing positively to Indonesian society through various activities, is proud and thankful for this award.


“We are very proud and grateful for this award. In line with our ongoing commitment, we at Aice always strive to provide positive and beneficial contributions to society. We believe that business success is not only measured by profits but also by the positive impact we can have on society. Moving forward, we will continue to innovate in delivering products and activities that can provide greater benefits to our community and consumers," she explained.


The award from The Iconomics is based on the company's commitment to social and environmental responsibility or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), particularly over the past year. Aice has been recognized for effectively implementing CSR in various forms.


Founder & CEO The Iconomics, Bram S. Putro, said that the awards given to companies implementing CSR are a form of support for those with a high commitment to CSR. He added that the higher the commitment from the company and its leaders in implementing CSR, the greater the certainty that various CSR programs will run sustainably.


“We hope more companies will take CSR seriously, as CSR is not a wasteful expense. Companies will naturally receive positive feedback from stakeholders who experience or see the implemented CSR programs,” Bram said.


One of Aice Group's highly appreciated flagship programs is the “15 Days of Aice Sharing Health” initiative. Through this program, Aice shares happiness each month with various positive contributions to the community. One of Aice's initiatives through this program is promoting the advancement of sports in Indonesia, especially by supporting young Indonesian football talents.


Aice collaborates with the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and the Indonesia Junior League (IJL) to distribute 10,000 ice creams and 500 balls to Soccer Schools (SSB) across Indonesia.


Through the “15 Days of Aice Sharing Health” program, Aice also carries out several other initiatives, such as the Festive Dessert Kepala Desa Berbagi Berkah, involving tens of thousands of village heads distributing more than one million Aice Mochi Festive Desserts as breaking fast snacks and Eid al-Fitr desserts. Additionally, in collaboration with Foodbank Indonesia, Aice campaigns for healthy breakfasts for Indonesian children to reduce stunting rates by distributing food aid and educating healthy eating habits to hundreds of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) students in Greater Jakarta.


Recently, Aice also built a multifunctional field and provided access and other educational facilities to the Babussalam Islamic Boarding School in North Lombok. This support was given to meet the needs of the students at the boarding school.


Previously, Aice was also involved in the reconstruction of the Babussalam Islamic Boarding School after the Lombok earthquake in 2018. Additionally, in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, Aice successfully distributed 67 million medical masks to healthcare workers and the general public.


Besides being known for various programs that benefit the community, Aice is also recognized as an ice cream producer that consistently introduces innovative products in terms of shape and flavor variants. Aice is committed to making ice cream not only delicious but also healthy.


Aice's products are made with the best quality and healthy ingredients, including two new variants: Aice Mochi Banana and Aice Mochi Peach. These new ice cream mochi variants are made with quality ingredients like glutinous rice flour, milk, peach, and banana, resulting in a healthy snack in the form of ice cream mochi.


“With this award, we at Aice Group are certainly more motivated to continue developing the best innovations, both in products and programs that can benefit society. We are also committed to continuously innovating in running a sustainable business and providing positive contributions to our community and consumers,” Sylvana concluded.

Source: Sindonews.com

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