15 February 2023 Article

AICE Group's 15 Days of Sharing Health Program Continues to Support Early-age Football Athlete Development


Aice Group, in collaboration with the Indonesia Junior League (IJL), is working together to maintain the quality of Indonesia's young football talent. The ongoing efforts in nurturing young footballers through a national youth football league are expected to be a platform for instilling the fundamental attitudes of a football player. The basic attitudes, including physical condition, medical care, nutrition, enthusiasm, and joy, are essential implementations in the early-stage development conducted by IJL this year.

Sylvana Zhong, Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice Group, explained that the dedicated efforts of clubs and youth football leagues are crucial and must be sustained by all stakeholders in national sports.

The recognition of many football players, clubs, and talent scouts worldwide regarding the quality of young Indonesian footballers can be realized in their professional careers if the grassroots development implemented by IJL produces consistently improving players each year.

"Aice Group is consistent in working hard and maintaining consistency in all aspects of nurturing young athletes in Indonesia. The IJL, which continues to run and shows increasing enthusiasm year by year, is believed to contribute to the certainty of the future achievements projection of national football. Aice appreciates and consistently collaborates with all elements in the national sports ecosystem to build these aspirations," stated Sylvana.

The private sector, club, and league collaboration model in IJL is a tangible proof of the efforts from various parties and across sectors. This collaboration aligns with the 2019 Presidential Instruction on Accelerating the Development of the National Football Ecosystem, with one of its priorities being the development of youth football.

Consistency in organizing youth football competitions has been demonstrated by IJL for the past nine years. The ongoing IJL season 2022/2023 has entered the final stage for the U-9 and U-11 categories. The final matches took place at the Yonif Mekanis 203 Arya Kamuning Field, Kota Tangerang, Banten, on Sunday (12/2/2023).

Given the high level of interest in IJL this season, AICE seeks to bring joy to this event involving thousands of Indonesian football talents. Thousands of Aice Mochi ice creams were distributed for free to all IJL participants. The presence of Aice Mochi and the Aice Mochi Baby mascot among the hundreds of final participants added to the festivity.

Notably, 58 teams with 1,334 young football players from various regions such as Bandung, Sukabumi, Serang, and Cilegon have competed weekly since September last year. The tremendous enthusiasm from these young athletes is concrete evidence of the widespread love for football across various demographics.

Drg. Tia Herfiana Sp. KG, the CEO of IJL, explained that the league running in the current season has received a tremendous response from clubs, parents, and a large audience. The IJL competition 2022/2023 has been able to attract approximately 800 spectators each week. The audience is presented with quality football matches between youth teams from various regions. In the group stage alone, no less than 60 goals were scored in various matches.

According to Tia, with league management and club training focused on the basic principles of sportsmanship, the quality and continuity of achievements will shape a standard of good youth football competition.

"We are grateful that IJL has entered its ninth season this time. We always believe that our hard work will improve the quality of youth football competitions and development, step by step. This effort will be realized with consistent support from various parties.

This collaboration has proven its success so far, creating a good ecosystem for the development of youth football. We greatly appreciate the consistent support from AICE and the shared vision in creating an excellent and accomplished young generation in Indonesia," said Tia.

Aice Group's commitment to supporting the creation of a high-quality ecosystem for youth football aligns with AICE as a world-class quality ice cream brand in the development of Indonesia's young generation. Beyond IJL, Aice also supports the development of national sports through the Asian Games and the World Cup.

Aice exemplifies the hard work and successful implications in today's iconic sports world. World football stars Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe serve as real examples of ideal football player development. Through their roles as Aice brand ambassadors, they spread inspiration and fighting spirit to all Indonesian children aspiring to become successful footballers with a list of achievements.

"AICE Group, as one of the Official Partners of the FIFA World Cup 2022, is once again supporting the organization of the IJL competition this season. This is a tangible effort by the Aice brand that cares about the development of young talents in the country. AICE is optimistic that young Indonesian footballers can match Messi and Mbappe. As long as we collectively build a high-quality youth development ecosystem.

Plus, a continuous competition system from an early age to the professional level supported by all.

Source: Kontan

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