12 February 2023 Article

Aice Ice Cream Histeria Receives Award for "First Mini Stick Cake Ice Cream" in Indonesia


Aice Group, a producer of ice cream, has been awarded for one of its variants, Aice Histeria, with the title "Vanilla Flavor Mini Stick Cake Ice Cream with Crunchy Premium Chocolate Layer, the First in Indonesia." This award was presented at the Pertama 2023 event, organized by Infobrand ID in collaboration with Trans N Co Indonesia.

This event has been giving awards for ten years to brands that have successfully created new innovations in the last two years and new products or services that are pioneers in their categories.

The assessment of the best brands is based on three criteria: The First Aspect, Evidence Aspect, and Evaluation Aspect:

  • The First Aspect: Evaluates whether the submitted product or service is the first innovation in its category in Indonesia.

  • Evidence Aspect: Assesses the evidence and facts supporting the claim that the product or service is the first in Indonesia.

  • Evaluation Aspect: Involves the judgment of a professional jury and the general public regarding the innovation and impact of the product or service.

This award indicates that Aice Histeria is recognized as a pioneer in creating ice cream with a unique concept, namely "Vanilla Flavor Mini Stick Cake Ice Cream with Crunchy Premium Chocolate Layer." It reflects Aice Group's commitment to continuous innovation and delivering captivating products to its consumer

Source: Merdeka

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