20 September 2023 Article

Aice Introduces New Ice Cream Variants to Support Healthy and Active Lifestyles


In celebration of the 40th National Sports Day (Haornas), ice cream manufacturer Aice Group presents innovations with a focus on fitness and healthy lifestyles. Aice launches two new variants: Aice Mochi Milk Tea and Aice Moong Bean. These variants are specially designed to cater to the demand for ideal snacks suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Sylvana Zhong, Senior Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice, emphasizes that Aice's range of healthy products is not only crafted to indulge taste buds but is also the result of the company's research in supporting an active and healthy lifestyle.


"The latest ice cream innovation, Aice Moong Bean, is made from high-quality green beans wrapped in the delight of milk and coconut milk. The refreshing savory taste will be felt with every bite. Within this high-fiber ice cream, there are various nutritional components such as animal and plant-based proteins and vitamins. Aice Moong Bean is created to be a healthy ice cream snack rich in fiber, contributing to enhanced fitness," explains Sylvana.


During this year's Haornas event held at the Velodrome Rawamangun Sports Arena, Aice Group spread joy by distributing over 4,000 Aice Mochi ice creams in various flavors. The event was also enlivened by the presence of the Aice Mochi Baby mascot, entertaining athletes and attendees celebrating this annual commemoration.


"We believe that an active and healthy lifestyle is the foundation for cultivating happiness and sporting achievements in society. The Haornas moment is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the spirit of sports, maintain health, and shape a healthier and more active future. To accompany this spirit, Aice presents a lineup of healthy ice cream products for the public to enjoy while collectively contributing to creating a healthier and more active Indonesia," says Sylvana.


The 40th Haornas serves as a platform to amplify the spirit of the "Winner's Arena." This campaign embraces all layers of society, extending beyond physical fitness. It's about fostering a strong discipline ethos, a high spirit of sportsmanship, and solidarity among sports enthusiasts. Sylvana explains that a robust sports culture is the foundation for excellent sporting achievements. The younger generation must be given access to pursue their dreams in the world of sports, aligning with Aice Group's commitment to providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy nutritious and delicious ice cream.


"Aice Group has been a steadfast partner of the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the past few years, supporting various national and international sports competitions. We are determined to leverage the momentum of the 40th Haornas as an acceleration step in enhancing Indonesia's sporting achievements," says Sylvana.


"In this golden year of national sports, Indonesia has proven its excellence by winning various historic championship titles in various sports fields. The opportunity to host various world sporting events is also a valuable chance to promote sports culture nationwide," she adds.


Youth and Sports Minister Dito Ariotedjo appreciates the role of private entities like Aice Group in supporting the progress of national sports. He notes that creating a golden generation of sports in the country is a long journey. This determination refers to the National Sports Design (DBON) set by the government to accelerate sporting achievements.


"In this journey, we will go through a series of phases involving the development of mature early-age athletes, integrated tiered competitions, and the implementation of cutting-edge sports science to tap into various forms of existing potential. Support and collaboration among stakeholders play a significant role in succeeding in every step as we head towards the golden age of sports and the demographic bonus in 2035," explains Dito.


Source: Media Indonesia

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