21 March 2024 Article

Aice Launches Newest Ice Cream, Histeria Peach, as a Tribute to Women


Aice Group, an Indonesian ice cream manufacturer, introduces its innovative new product, Aice Histeria Peach, in commemoration of International Women's Day.


With its latest product combining delicious flavor and the color trends of 2024, Aice introduces Aice Histeria Peach as a contemporary variant of the Histeria line, featuring the luxurious and fragrant taste of peach.


This new product is the first cake stick ice cream in Indonesia, combining the taste of selected honey peach fruit with a crispy layer of premium chocolate, meeting consumers' desire for a stylish new sensation in line with current trends.


This variant is inspired to honor and show confidence in every woman.


Honey peach was chosen by Aice partly because the peach color, a combination of pink and orange, communicates messages of care and sharing while bringing a sense of gentleness and calmness.


Senior Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice Group, Sylvana Zhong, stated that this product symbolizes self-confidence, accompanying every woman to always be happy and enthusiastic in her daily activities.


Aice wants Aice Histeria Peach to be more than just ice cream. Aice presents this product to every woman across Indonesia.


"With Aice, women will be inspired, daring to pursue their dreams in their daily lives, while also loving and appreciating themselves," explained Sylvana.


Through the launch of Histeria Peach, Aice hopes not only to offer deliciousness in the form of ice cream but also to serve as a strong symbol of support for Indonesian women to continue achieving and celebrating their accomplishments.


These moments of achievement can be celebrated with a snack of Histeria Peach cake stick ice cream, created in a portion perfect for oneself and consumed in one sitting.


"Let us support the inspirational women around us by celebrating their achievements with Aice Histeria Peach," said Sylvana.


"Aice is dedicated not only to being an innovative ice cream brand but also to accompanying all Indonesian women in every step of their achievements," she added.


Source : Momsmoney

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