24 November 2022 Article

Aice Presents Trendy Ice Cream in Collaboration with Lionel Messi


Liputan6.com, Jakarta - The Qatar 2022 World Cup is the most anticipated biggest soccer event in the world. To accompany the exciting global soccer festival, Aice has launched two new products, namely Aice Blueberry Cookies and Aice Milk Tea Boba.

Interestingly, the Aice Group ice cream manufacturer collaborated with famous footballer, Lionel Messi, in its new product. Yes, the owner of seven Ballon d'Or titles has become the official ambassador not only for the two products, but also for several other Aice ice cream variants.

Messi's presence as an Aice ambassador complements Kylian Mbappé, who was previously also announced to play a similar role in various Aice ice cream products. In addition, the company holding the Official Pre-packaged Ice Cream Brand in Southeast Asia for the 2022 World Cup also announced that the company continues to support the development of soccer and sports as one form of the company's social responsibility to encourage people to live healthy lives.

Aice explained that the company, together with various stakeholders, continues to support the talent scouting process, athlete competition, and the accomplishment of various sports achievements.

Brand Manager and Spokesperson for AICE Group Sylvana Zhong expressed the company's appreciation to the community and football school (SSB) coaches who have consistently educated young soccer seeds.

Five SSB coaches from Jabodetabek and dozens of football communities in Indonesia were present at the launch of Messi's favorite Ice Creams - Aice Blueberry Cookies and Milk Tea Boba on Tuesday (22/11) in Jakarta. The event ended with a fun World Cup watch between Argentina and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Aice's collaboration with Lionel Messi produced a quality and innovative ice cream product and became a pioneer in the ice cream industry. The product is the perfect snack choice for Qatar's 2022 World Cup watchers.

Aice Blueberry Cookies and Milk Tea Boba themselves are claimed by Aice to be products born from the company's innovation to meet contemporary tastes that are liked by Gen-Z and Millennials.

Sylvana also explained that the two latest products provide a distinctive taste and contemporary flavor. Aice Blueberry Cookies successfully combined three layers of pleasure in an ice cream. There are chocolate cookies, blueberry ice cream, and a thick chocolate layer with a crunchy nut topping.

The presence of Messi as its ambassador is said by Aice as a similarity of Messi's success story with its business philosophy. Inspired by Messi's spirit and hard work, Aice researched and developed for over a year until it successfully presented Milk Tea Boba.

A combination of black tea and the best quality milk powder, has successfully made ice cream taste creamier. Combined with boba designed specifically for ice cream, Aice successfully made boba in Aice Milk Tea Boba still feels chewy even though it is consumed while it is frozen.

Source: Liputan 6

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