30 August 2022 Article

Aice, The Top 5 Most Preferred Brands in Indonesia


Aice ice cream products have been named as one of the brands most chosen by consumers in the category of milk-based products and its derivatives. The results of the 2022 Brand Footprint Indonesia annual research carried out by Kantar Indonesia show Aice's reach in terms of penetration and frequency of consumers buying its products.

Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice Group, Sylvana Zhong, said that Aice is the only ice cream brand in Indonesia that occupies the top 5 positions in the Dairy and Dairy Substitution category, along with Frisian Flag, Indomilk, Dancow and Bear Brand. This ice cream, which is the official ice cream for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, has been purchased by more than 42 percent of households in Indonesia during 2021.

"The positive sales results and public trust in the Aice ice cream brand cannot be separated from innovative product research, quality and expansion of its distribution network in recent years," said Sylvana in Jakarta, Friday (26/8/2022).

According to him, the pandemic period in the last two years has further sharpened the quality of ice cream products so that they are liked by all segments of Indonesian consumers. The existence of restrictions on gatherings and travel in 2021 contributed greatly to sales growth at stall outlets.

"The moment of being at home has become a driving force for the company to increase sales efforts throughout Indonesia. When the pandemic peaked in 2021, it was a busy year for Aice. Our research produced many pioneer products that were liked by the public, such as Aice Egg Milk, Mochi Klepon, etc. "At the same time, we will expand our distribution to reach 350 thousand stalls," explained Sylvana.

Innovation & Expansion of Buyer Base

Meanwhile, Managing Director of the Worldpanel Division of Kantar Indonesia, Venu Madhav, said that Kantar Worldpanel research, released by a brand consulting and data analysis company headquartered in England, shows that consumer choices are selected and calculated through a matrix called Consumer Reach Point (CRP). ).

In this research they measure brand strength in terms of a combination of how many households buy a brand and how often the brand is bought by consumers.


Globally, this research covers more than 26,000 food and beverage industry (FMCG) brands in 52 countries from five continents, representing 87% of the world's gross domestic product. In Indonesia itself, this research covers no less than 550 brands in more than 100 FMCG categories in all urban and rural areas representing 97% of Indonesia's population.

The product sectors studied by Kantar in Brand Footprint 2022 include various FMCG sectors, for example, food, beverages, milk, home care products and personal care products.

"Most of Indonesia's selected brands managed to maintain their superiority in the previous year. Like other consumer-chosen brands, Aice benefits from its large buyer base and CRP. This shows that Aice is one of the popular brands among consumers, and is able to maintain relevance to consumer needs," he said.

Aice Group spokesperson Sylvana Zhong again added that the economic slowdown in 2021 and travel restrictions due to the pandemic are important variables for all FMCG business actors. From its three factories in West Java, East Java and North Sumatra, Aice conducted product research that was suitable for ice cream lovers and the current conditions in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.


Since its initial presence in Indonesia, the company's focus began with building the strength of its marketing distribution network throughout the island. Make it easier for consumers to get Aice ice cream, so that indirectly consumers will become loyal. As a result, Aice will always be close to buyers' reach and quickly win consumer choice.

In this case, massive and high-tech product research also provides a large sales growth multiplier. In just eight years, Aice has released many superior and pioneer products in the industry.

The innovations carried out not only involve the composition of quality materials but also modern production techniques. Through sophisticated ice cream production innovations, Aice ice cream is now widely liked by the public.

"In addition to production innovation, Aice is also expanding its innovation wings not only in Indonesia but also in Asia and the world, as the official ice cream of the Asian Games in 2018 and now the official ice cream at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Aice's innovation will not stop until "Here, we will continue to create surprising innovations that will bring joy to the Indonesian people," concluded Sylvana.


Source: Warta Ekonomi

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