17 November 2022 Article

Becoming the First Low Sugar & Fat Ice Cream, Aice Launches 2 New Variants


Bela, have you noticed since the COVID-19 pandemic that many people are more concerned about their health? The post-pandemic lifestyle changes have motivated people to maintain healthier lifestyle habits, particularly in choosing healthy food and engage in health activities like exercise.


This is evidenced by a study from BMC, with 1,004 respondents aged between 18 to 88 years old, 56.2 percent of them reported having shifted to a healthier lifestyle.


Seeing this opportunity, Aice ice cream producer has created a new ice cream innovation claiming it as a delicious and healthy snack. So, what is Aice's latest ice cream product?


Low fat & low sugar ice cream, the first in Indonesia?


The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia had once released information related to the amount of sugar, salt, and fat recommended for human body consumption per day. Remembering people's habits that tend to enjoy sweet food and drink which of course increase the risk of diabetes.


The human body itself, according to the Ministry of Health's recommendation, only needs as much as 50 grams of sugar per day, 5 grams of salt per day, and 67 grams of fat per day.


Then, Aice launched Mango Slush Low Fat Less Sugar, an ice cream with mango flavor that is low in sugar and low in fat, and Mango Slush High Vitamin C becomes a mango flavored ice cream that has High Vitamin C content.


"This is the first fruit concept low fat and low sugar ice cream in Indonesia," revealed Sylvana Zhong, Senior Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice Group.


Delicious and healthy snack choice


Despite being low in sugar and fat, Aice Mango Slush still doesn't take away the pleasure of enjoying ice cream with a soft and fresh texture like tasting an actual piece of mango.


"What's unique about these 2 products is their texture. The main content is pure real mango from the Alphonso variety which is known to be sweet and delicious. This fruit has a sweet and soft aroma with bright orange flesh," said Arifin Khong, Product Manager of Aice Group.


Aice Mango Slush Low Fat Less Sugar and Aice Mango Slush High Vitamin C have been packaged to meet balanced sugar needs and are very suitable for ice cream fans who maintain a healthy lifestyle and also for ice cream fans who pay more attention to weight and in the period of sugar diet on health, Aice Mango Slush Less Sugar Low Fat can be a snack choice.


Ice cream edition FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022


Did you know that Aice became the official ice cream during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022? And, the two newest mango ice creams are two of a series of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 edition ice cream products, followed by 2 other ice creams that will be launched soon.


If you look at the packaging, there is an image of a football athlete who is rumored to be the highest paid player, Mbappe. At the launch of Aice Mango Slush Low Fat Less Sugar and Aice Mango Slush High Vitamin C, Aice also announced their newest brand ambassador, Kylian Mbappe.


"As the Official Pre-packaged Ice Cream Brand in Southeast Asia for the 2022 World Cup. Aice is proud to get recognition from Mbappe as he chose Aice as his preferred ice cream product where Mbappe also as a new product image ambassador for Aice for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Aice and Mbappe together encourage consumers to live healthily," Sylvana Zhong explained.


Have you been curious to taste Aice's latest variant? Wait for the presence of his newest variant soon at your nearest outlets.


Source: Popbela

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