09 November 2022 Article

For 2 Consecutive Years, AICE Receives TOP CSR Awards


AICE Group has once again received an award for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program at the TOP CSR Awards 2022. On March 30, Top Business declared AICE Group as the recipient of the 4-Star TOP CSR Award, continuing its success from last year at the same event.


The award was garnered from various CSR programs in education, health, economy, and infrastructure run by AICE Group. These programs are aligned with the implementation of Creating Shared Value, ISO 26000, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), effectively benefitting the community.


AICE Group's Brand Manager and spokesperson, Sylvana Zhong, said that they underwent an intense selection process prior to achieving the TOP CSR Awards 2022. She expressed gratitude towards the panel of experts and jury for their favorable assessment of AICE's ongoing CSR activities. She also hoped that AICE will continue to provide quality ice cream to not only our beloved country, but also to Southeast Asia.


This year, TOP CSR Awards adopted the theme 'Being a Responsible Company is the Key Strategy for Business Sustainable Growth.' Head of the organizing committee, M. Lutfi Handayani, explained that the TOP CSR Awards is given to companies from various business sectors throughout Indonesia who have run effective, high-quality CSR/TJSL/Community Development programs.


Since it arrived in Indonesia 8 years ago, AICE has experienced rapid growth. Now, not only does it possess three large-capacity factories in Bekasi, Mojokerto, and Sei Mangkei, AICE has also begun exporting ice cream to countries such as the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos.


Sylvana stated that the ongoing CSR programs have adopted ISO 26000 and the Creating Shared Value (CSV) concept, which will continue into the post-pandemic phase and the new normal. One of these programs is #15HariAICEBerbagiSehat (#15DaysofAICESharingHealth), launched in 2020, where every 15th day of the month, AICE Group, along with hundreds of distributors and thousands of resellers, distribute medical masks to schools in support of resuming face-to-face learning.


Under the #15HariAICEBerbagiSehat initiative, AICE activated approximately 350,000 owners of ice cream stalls to run various CSR programs. In an effort to suppress Covid-19, AICE self-produced approximately 67 million high-quality medical masks named AICE Shield, which were distributed to vulnerable groups. AICE also collaborated with the Yayasan Kanker Anak Indonesia (YKAKI) and Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) in providing social aid, disaster support, and other humanitarian activities.


Source: CNN

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