21 June 2024 Article

Ice Cream Officially Joins Team Indonesia: Aice Supports Indonesian Athletes at the Paris 2024 Olympics


JAKARTA, INDONESIADAILY.CO.ID - Aice Group, a leading ice cream manufacturer in Indonesia, has announced a strategic partnership with the Indonesian National Olympic Committee (NOC Indonesia) to support Indonesian athletes competing in the Paris Olympics this year.


The signing of this agreement marks Aice's commitment to supporting Indonesian sports globally through non-technical support for accomplished Indonesian athletes.


According to Jason Liu, Vice President of Aice Group Marketing Management Center, this partnership reflects Aice's long-term commitment to supporting national sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle in Indonesian society.


Aice will implement various campaigns before, during, and after the Paris 2024 Olympics to garner public support for Indonesian athletes.


Furthermore, Aice will launch new products such as Aice Mochi Peach and Aice Mochi Banana as symbols of Olympic spirit, combining the fresh taste of fruit with the chewy texture of mochi as healthy snack options for athletes and the general public.


In response, NOC Indonesia Secretary General Wijaya Noeradi welcomed this partnership as an example of effective collaboration in supporting the development of Indonesian sports on a global level.


Overall, this initiative is seen as a joint effort to advance the achievements of Indonesian athletes and strengthen national pride in the international arena.


Source: IndonesiaDaily.com

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