23 November 2022 Article

Ice Cream Partner of the 2022 World Cup Collaborating with Lionel Messi


Aice Group Indonesia announces its collaboration with Lionel Messi, making the Argentine footballer their brand ambassador.


Aice Group Indonesia is an official partner of the 2022 Qatar World Cup that's currently underway. This is used as an opportunity for the public to enjoy the matches with their new products, Aice Blueberry Cookies and Aice Milk Tea Boba.


With Messi as an ambassador, he follows Kylian Mbappé who was previously announced to have a similar role. The company is committed to working with various stakeholders to support the process of nurturing talent, athlete competition, and achievement in various sports fields.


Brand Manager and Spokesperson for AICE Group Sylvana Zhong expressed the company's appreciation toward communities and Soccer School (SSB) coaches who have consistently educated young football seeds. As a form of appreciation and support, five SSB coaches all over Jabodetabek and dozens of football communities in Indonesia were present at the launch of "Messi's Ice Cream Choice - Aice Blueberry Cookies and Milk Tea Boba" on Tuesday (22/11/2022) in Jakarta.


The activity ended with a World Cup match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia. The collaboration with Messi is expected to make their latest products the choice to watch the World Cup.


Sylvana explained that these two latest products offer distinctive delicacies and trendy flavors. Aice Blueberry Cookies successfully combines three layers of pleasure in an ice cream. There are chocolate cookies, blueberry ice cream, and a thick layer of chocolate with crunchy nut topping.


With Messi as an ambassador, his success story mirrors the company's enterprise philosophy. According to Sylvana, the current world's most important football icon is an inspirational figure through his spirit and hard work in achieving success and bringing joy through his beautiful game for football fans.


"The collaboration between Aice and Messi is a real testament to the hard work of Aice's R&D, inspired by Messi's strive for world quality and hard work. The new Aice product will certainly enliven the spectacle of football from various best teams competing in this Qatar World Cup," Sylvana said.


Meanwhile, Technical Director of PSSI and AFC Technical Committee, Indra Sjafri, praised Aice's performance. The former national team coach appreciated Aice's consistent effort to support the development of sports in the community.


Indra stressed that in his coaching career, he always emphasized athletes' discipline in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Good and healthy diet and snacks are one of the important characteristics of a successful athlete.


"I appreciate Aice's consistency in producing quality products for the community. In an athlete's meal menu, quality snacks are also factored in not just for additional nutrition, but also to provide variety and joy for athletes, coaches, and team officials," Indra said.


"Messi and Aice both believe that everyone can go from zero to hero. And during the World Cup, Aice provides a variety of ice cream choices that bring football joy. Aice invites everyone to celebrate the World Cup with cheerfulness both on and off the field. Keep the spirit, stay cheerful, Have an Aice Day," said Chief Brand Official Aice Group Jason Liu.


There is potential for Messi to come to Indonesia according to Sylvana, as the collaboration between the two parties possibly opens that opportunity.


"Of course, we want to bring Messi [to Indonesia], but his schedule is very tight. It's not that we don't want to," Sylvana joked.


Source: Detik Sport

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