19 October 2022 Article

Media Cup 2022: Menpora, PSSI, PSSI Pers, Aice Encourage Achievement and Fairplay in Football


The PSSI Pers Coordinator held the 2022 Media Cup event which was supported by the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora) of the Republic of Indonesia Zainudin Amali, PSSI, and sponsors, one of which was Aice. This event will take place at Triboon Mini Soccer from 6 and 7 October 2022. It will be attended by 16 national media which have sports coverage teams every day.

Aice Group together with the Minister of Youth and Sports, PSSI, and PSSI Pers shared the importance of the spirit of sporting achievement which goes hand in hand with the values of friendship and fair play. The spirit of competition in football can never be separated from mutual respect and upholding sportsmanship in the game.

“This Media Cup is an upstream and downstream means of cultivating and producing sports achievements. This long process begins with sports cultivation, early childhood development, tiered and systematic competitions and the application of sports science. But remember, all these processes require the active support of all stakeholders. "Because of that, we appreciate Aice and many other private groups who have supported the implementation of PSSI Press activities," explained Minister of Youth and Sports Zainudin Amali.

On the same occasion, Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice Group, Sylvana Zhong, explained that Aice's active participation in the world of sports is in line with Aice's vision of world-quality and innovative products. Starting from Aice Mango Low Fat Less Sugar products, Aice Blueberry Cookies, Aice mochi ice cream and also ice cream with other vitamin content.

Aice also has a big commitment to spreading the spirit of sports, especially the development of national sports. Such as being involved in sports events at both national and international levels, for example in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, namely the Early Age Sports Festival, Traditional Sports Festival and National Sports Day 2022, at the international event Aice is the official FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 ice cream.

“The Kanjuruhan Malang tragedy opened everyone's eyes that we must uphold fair play in the spirit of sport together. The world agrees that the quality of sport is also a symbol of the quality of our humanity. Therefore, we are sure that this Media Cup tournament will not only produce high quality and achievements. "All my friends, journalists will certainly maintain the spirit of fair play in achieving achievements in the 2022 Media Cup," explained Sylvana.

Aice recognizes the need for management and consolidation across stakeholders in achieving sports targets. According to him, the 2022 Media Cup is an effective example of how multi-stakeholder collaboration between various elements from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the private sector to the mass media is a driving helix for the consolidation of Indonesia's sporting power.

“Sport teaches us to work together to win. Aice together with journalists and the Ministry of Youth and Sports invites us all to work together. We work together to build the progress of our national sport. "Through these efforts at the 2022 Media Cup, hopefully we will be healthier, more friendly and able to produce outstanding athletes from various circles," Sylvana concluded.


Source: Bola Skor

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