08 November 2022 Article

Pushing for SME Empowerment, Aice Group Wins Indonesia Award 2022


Ice cream producer Aice Group has won the Best Integrated Program of SMES Empowerment award at the Indonesia Award 2022, thanks to its efforts in driving the recovery of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) post-pandemic. Through more than 350,000 MSMEs selling its products in cities and villages throughout Indonesia, Aice stimulates trade segments at the heart of these communities to continue to grow.


As one of the producers with the largest production and sales numbers throughout Indonesia, Aice combines ease of cooperation, strengths of the distribution chain and branding steps on various issues close to the public.


Aice Group Brand Manager and Spokesperson, Sylvana Zhong, explained that Aice is aware of the big challenges faced by MSMEs in the current economic recovery moment. The fact about their crucial role in contributing to more than 60 percent of GDP, makes the company use MSMEs as the main channel for marketing Aice's favorite products in the community.


The Indonesia Awards were given to 34 national figures, provincial, city/district heads, and the best companies in 2022.


As the only company in the F&B category, especially ice cream, that received the award, Aice is deemed successful in empowering MSMEs through the Aid for Integrated Small and Medium Enterprises Income Improvement program since 2016.


Sylvana explained that MSMEs indeed became the main sales channel for Aice, including when compared to its sales network in modern retail or marketplaces. According to her, the distribution and marketing strategy provided a larger economic multiplier to the surrounding community.


Sylvana wrapped up by pointing out that the program is part of the company's vision that brings happiness to everyone through ice cream. Aice provides happiness to MSMEs through additional income and to consumers by making it easy to obtain quality, innovative, and affordable ice cream. Hopefully, we will soon pass through the impact of the pandemic, with a better and happier economy for us all."


Source: Media Indonesia

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