25 November 2022 Article

Teaming up with Lionel Messi, AICE introduces ice cream for millennials


INDOSPORT.COM - Ice cream manufacturer AICE Group has announced its collaboration with renowned footballer, Lionel Messi, in their newest products, AICE Blueberry Cookies and AICE Milk Tea Boba. The ongoing 2022 World Cup in Qatar is used as a moment for the public to enjoy the games along with these collaborative products. The seven-time Ballon d'Or winner has become the official ambassador not only for these two products, but also for several other AICE ice cream variants.


Adding to AICE’s ambassador list, Messi complements Kylian Mbappe, who was previously announced to play the same role across various AICE ice cream products. AICE explained that the company, along with various stakeholders, continue to support the seeding process, athlete competitions, and the achievement of success in various sports fields.


AICE Group's Brand Manager and spokesperson, Sylvana Zhong, appreciates the community and Football School (SSB) coaches who have consistently educated young football talents.


Lionel Messi as the ambassador, explained by AICE as a similarity to the megastar's success story with the brand's philosophy. Inspired by Messi's spirit and hard work, Aice underwent research and development for more than a year before successfully launching Milk Tea Boba.


Sylvana says the world's most important football icon today is an individual who inspires everyone through his spirit and hard work in achieving success and bringing joy through his beautiful game to football fans.


“AICE's collaboration with Messi on Blueberry Cookies and Milk Tea Boba is a tangible proof of AICE's hardworking R&D team, inspired by Messi's spirit to achieve world-class quality and hard work," said Sylvana Zhong. "Undoubtedly, these new AICE products will add to the excitement of watching football from various top teams competing in this Qatar World Cup,” she explained.


Indra Sjafri Appreciation

On the other hand, PSSI Technical Director, Indra Sjafri, praised Aice for consistently providing quality ice cream to the public. The former U-19 national team coach appreciates AICE's consistent support for the development of sports in the community. Indra acknowledges that Lionel Messi is one of the biggest icons of world football today. His great talent, intelligence, and kinesthetic intelligence, complemented by hard training and a healthy lifestyle.


Indra Sjafri added that in his coaching career, he always emphasizes athlete discipline in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


A good and healthy diet and snacks are one of the important characteristics of a successful athlete. It must be disciplined from an early age.


"I appreciate AICE's consistency in consistently releasing quality products to the public. In an athlete's diet, quality snacks also count," said Indra Sjafri.


"Not just additional nutrition, but also to provide variety and joy for athletes, coaches to team officials,” he explained.


AICE Group’s Chief Brand Official, Jason Liu, explained that the Aice slogan "Have an Aice day" or a beautiful day every day, is Aice's business philosophy to bring happiness to every layer of society through high quality ice cream that is easily accessible.


According to Jason, the public's easy access to Aice products is similar to the philosophy of football. Anyone can play football anywhere and anytime. Football really does not require expensive sports equipment. Everyone is allowed to play it barefoot, on the ground or even on narrow streets.


He believes that Messi and AICE have similarities in building achievement and working hard. The man born in Rosario, Argentina, does not allow economic limitations and hormone disease to be a barrier to work hard and achieve unlimited success. “Messi and AICE both believe that everyone can go from zero to hero. Through the World Cup event at this time, AICE provides various choices of ice cream that bring the joy of football."


"AICE invites everyone to celebrate the World Cup in cheer, both on and off the field. Stay spirited, stay cheerful, Have an Aice Day,” Jason concluded.

Source: Indosport

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