16 April 2024 Article

Together with GP Ansor, Aice Distributes Millions of Ice Creams to 5,000 Mosques and Prayer Rooms Across Indonesia


According to the Chairman of the Gerakan Pemuda Ansor (Ansor Youth Movement), Sahabat Addin Jauharudin, this collaboration is part of Ansor's commitment to broaden its social movement through the empowerment of mosques. He believes that mosques and prayer rooms are not only spaces for spiritual strengthening but also for community empowerment.


"Our collaboration with AICE is tangible evidence of GP Ansor's commitment to initiating social movements starting from mosques. Eventually, mosques will become centers for community empowerment," he said.


Regarding the distribution of aid to orphans and the commemoration of the Night of Nuzulul Quran, Addin stated that this empowerment is carried out in the form of distributing iftar (breaking fast) packages.


"At least, the empowerment of mosques and prayer rooms and the distribution of iftar packages will target thousands of locations," he added.


Addin hopes that this activity will not only be seen as routine distribution of iftar packages but also as Ansor's way of accelerating social progress so that community welfare can be built and achieved.


"Nurturing mosques with the spirit of sharing iftar packages, for us in Ansor, is the spirit of social acceleration to encourage and build social welfare for the communities around mosques and prayer rooms," he emphasized.


Since 2020, Aice has been conducting various campaigns to promote a healthy lifestyle through the "15 Days of Aice Ice Cream Sharing Health" program, which is implemented every month in various regions of Indonesia. Most recently, at the beginning of 2024 through this program, Aice built a multipurpose field at the Babussalam Islamic Boarding School in West Nusa Tenggara, which can be utilized by students and the surrounding community.


Additionally, Aice is very active in supporting the development of sports in Indonesia. For example, by supporting the Asian Games 2018, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, FIFA Matchday Indonesia vs Argentina 2023, and collaborating with the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to support the creation of young football talents in Indonesia. In 2023, Aice distributed 10,000 ice creams and 500 soccer balls to various Soccer Schools (SSBs) across Indonesia.


"Undoubtedly, there will be many other activities and support that Aice will bring in the future. Therefore, we also hope that what we are doing can have a positive impact, especially in supporting a healthy lifestyle in society. Aice is also committed to continuously providing ice cream as a delicious and healthy snack that can bring happiness and joy, in line with our slogan 'Have an Aice Day,'" concluded Agus.


Source : Depok.inews

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