06 December 2023 Article

WARNING & VIGILANCE About Fraud in the Name of Aice


Dear AICE Consumers and Business Partners,


We would like to share an important announcement about the misuse of the AICE brand. Currently, we have found several fraudulent actions carried out in the name of AICE. This fraud can include various fake messages, websites, social media accounts, and other false communications trying to exploit the good name of AICE and seek specific benefits that violate legal rules. For example, there are currently individuals offering the opportunity to join as an AICE Business Partner (reseller), requiring certain payments as prerequisites.


Therefore, we want to remind you to be aware of suspicious messages or offers from parties claiming to be AICE. We also urge our customers and those interested in AICE business partnerships not to send any money or payments in advance, before the items ordered have been sent out and received properly.


As a company that always prioritizes integrity and quality, we never conduct promotions or sales outside the company's official channels. If you receive messages or offers from individuals who claim to be AICE by stipulating suspicious money or payment requirements, or if you feel disadvantaged in certain situations involving the AICE name, you can immediately contact us at:

  •  Email : CS@AICE.CO.ID 

  •  Direct message ke instagram @AICEINDONESIA 

  •  Customer Service Phone Number : 021-22511112


Examples of Fraud In The Name Of Aice 

As additional information, we would like to clarify that all staff members of the AICE distribution company are always equipped with official uniforms and have valid data, and are recommended not to make payments before the goods are received. 


We greatly appreciate your cooperation in protecting the AICE brand and preventing fraud. We are committed to continue providing high-quality products and the best service to you, our loyal customers and partners.


Thank you for your attention and cooperation.



Jakarta, 1 November 2023


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