30 April 2024 Article

Wrapped in Megawati's inspiration, Aice supports Fun Volleyball 2024.


Aice the ice cream producer once again involved itself in sports activities. This time, they supported the 2024 Fun Volleyball event that brought together the Indonesia All Stars and Red Sparks on April 20, 2024. There was inspiration from Megawati Hangestri Pertiwi there.


Megawati indeed became a magnet in the Fun Volleyball 2024 match. Her presence with the Red Sparks team inspired many, including young Indonesian athletes who are dedicated to volleyball. Wrapped in Megawati's inspiration, Aice aimed to contribute.


1. Aice introduces two new variants in this Fun Volleyball 2024


Alongside the Fun Volleyball 2024 event, Aice also unveiled two new variants of their ice cream, namely Aice Mochi Peach and Aice Mochi Banana. These ice creams also grabbed attention.


Senior Manager of Aice Group, Sylvana Zhong, stated that Aice is always ready to contribute to community development through sports, especially volleyball. Specifically for volleyball, she is optimistic that Indonesia will host the Volleyball World Cup 2025.


"This event (Fun Volleyball 2024) is an opportunity to inspire and motivate athletes and sports fans across the country. It also strengthens our chances of hosting the World Cup Volley Ball next year," said Sylvana in her official statement.


2. Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Dito Ariotedjo, appreciates Aice's support


Meanwhile, Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), Dito Ariotedjo, appreciates Aice's support in the Fun Volleyball 2024 event. He stated that collaboration with the private sector in sports development is necessary.


"We hope this event becomes a positive momentum to increase interest and achievement in volleyball, as well as preparation for the Olympics, and the bidding chance for Indonesia to host the Volleyball World Cup 2025," said Dito.


3. Fun Volleyball 2024 was lively


The Fun Volleyball 2024 event, held at Indonesia Arena on April 20, 2024, was lively. Red Sparks ultimately defeated the Indonesia All Stars in five sets, with a score of 3-2 (25-17, 25-15, 19-25, 18-25, 15-12).


Aside from the Red Sparks versus Indonesia All Stars match, Fun Volleyball 2024 also presented several exciting activities, with the support of Aice. This indicates the beginning of the revitalization of the Indonesian volleyball scene.


Source: IDN Times


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