20 November 2023 Article

Commitment to Support Wing Chun Sports in Indonesia


The Indonesian Wing Chun Federation is making efforts to foster the sport of Wing Chun in the country. In pursuit of this, the National Wing Chun Championship Indonesia 2023 was organized. Supported by Aice Group, the championship took place at UIN Walisongo Semarang from November 10-12. This marks the second year for Aice Group to support the development of young talents in the sport of Wing Chun in Indonesia.


Wing Chun in Indonesia has shown great potential, particularly after winning the overall championship three times at the World Wing Chun Championship organized by the World Wing Chun Federation, Ving Tsun Athletic Association (VTAA), in 2016, 2017, and October 2022 in Hong Kong.


Sustaining and enhancing such achievements requires attention not only from athletes and the government but also from various parties, including the private sector. The National Wing Chun Championship 2023 saw the participation of over 330 participants, including athletes and officials from 22 provinces in Indonesia. DKI Jakarta emerged as the overall champion with 7 gold, 5 silver, and 5 bronze medals.


Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, Chairman of the Indonesian Wing Chun Federation, attended the opening ceremony of the National Wing Chun Championship 2023 in Semarang. He emphasized the importance of dedication and spirit shown by the athletes, not just as part of this championship but also for their outstanding achievements for the Indonesian national Wing Chun team.


"The success of the athletes in maintaining the overall champion title in international championships is concrete evidence of dedication, hard work, and extraordinary fighting spirit. They not only uplift the nation's name but also inspire future generations to pursue their dreams in the world of martial arts," said Yaqut, as quoted from Aice Group's recent press release.


In the same event, Sylvana Zhong, Senior Brand Manager of Aice Group, mentioned that they understand the growth of sports in Indonesia, especially Wing Chun, requires the support of many stakeholders for development and nurturing young talents.


"2023 is the second year that Aice has been involved in supporting the implementation of Wing Chun sports in Indonesia, especially in the National Wing Chun Championship. Aice understands that Wing Chun is one of the martial arts that emphasizes technique, concentration, and balance," explained Sylvana.


Yaqut Cholil Qoumas not only expressed appreciation for the athletes but also praised Aice Group for its consistent support in the development of Wing Chun in Indonesia, particularly in supporting the nurturing of athletes and young talents.


He also hopes that more parties will be inspired to support sports, especially in aiding the development of athletes and young talents in Indonesia.


"We greatly appreciate the role of Aice Group, which has consistently shown their support for the development of Wing Chun sports in Indonesia. Their support in nurturing athletes and young talents has made a significant contribution to advancing martial arts in Indonesia," he concluded.


Source: Indosport

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